OBScenery FX

OBS Scene Effects are used to enhance performer video broadcast experiences

About the Product

OBScenery FX was created as a platform to support any number of scene enhancements during video broadcasting and as the name implies, it relies on OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)... you can learn more about it on our Platform Prerequisites page. It is in very early development so there are only a few modules available, but the only limitation is your imagination

Here's a sample of what OBScenery FX can do:

and another:

Components are packaged into themes that have their own unique style. Currently, the prototype theme is the only one available, but more will be coming and even more are already conceptualized. We'd like to hear your ideas!

Here are some of the features of the prototype version. It is fully functional (See the Installation Instructions tab for setup information)

The platform has been designed to work with any video broadcasting platform, but the first implementation has been done for Chaturbate where a small number of performers have already started using custom-made technology for scene enhancement

Because we've designed this system for modular development, we can quickly create new components... so stay tuned for more exciting elements to add to your broadcast!

It comes with a user-definable preferences screen that allows the broadcaster to fine-tine the behavior of each of the elements during a live broadcast

Platform Requirements

Here are the requirements needed to install and run OBScenery FX on your system. You will have to follow the respective installation instructions for each of the below requirements

Operating System

Any modern Desktop Windows version

Any modern Desktop Mac OS

Third Party Software

OBS Studio can be downloaded directly from the OBS Studio website. Also required by OBS Studio are Visual Studio runtime libraries which are detailed on the OBS Studio website

The only supported browser for video broadcasting is Google Chrome

You must have a current version of Java on your system. You can get it at java.com. Java 8 or higher is required

Chaturbate is currently the only supported video broadcasting platform. If you have other sites for which you'd like support, please let us know by emailing us at support@obsceneryfx.com

External Broadcast Support

Your video broadcasting platform must support external broadcasting (via OBS). Please verify that you can use OBS with your broadcast before purchasing OBScenery FX. We have a 'no refund' policy

Installation Instructions

These instructions are meant to help you get up and running. Detailed configuration instructions are included in the product and accessible once it is running on your computer

  1. Your Chaturbate broadcast must support external software
  2. Open a new tab in your Google Chrome browser and navigate to chrome://extensions
  3. Locate the downloaded file obsfx-bridge.crx, then drag and drop it on the Chrome Browser
  4. When Prompted to ‘Add “OBScenery FX Bridge”?’, click on the ‘Add Extension’ button
  5. You should now see the browser notification as displayed
  6. You should also see the ‘background page’ link. If you do not, remove the extension and repeat this process until you see that link
  7. Locate the downloaded .jar file and double click to launch the program. Remember that Java 8 or 9 is required
  8. After waiting for a few moments, you’ll see an icon appear in your system tray
  9. When you click on the icon, you see a menu appear
  10. Click the OBSceneryFX icon in the system tray and select the ‘Preferences’ menu item
  11. Your default web browser will launch the preferences page. Click on the ‘Themes’ horizontal menu item
  12. Launch OBS Studio, and for each component you want in your broadcast, create a BrowserSource for your scene and give it an appropriate name
  13. For example, if you’re adding the Tippers component, call the component ‘Tippers’
  14. You’ll see the following window. Change the values with those on the Themes preferences page
  15. Now, using the values in the OBSceneryFX Preferences page from your web browser, change the values in this window to match those of the component you’re adding, then click the OK button
  16. Repeat this process for each of the components available in the theme
  17. In OBS Studio, you can re-arrange the display order of the components on the screen by right-clicking on the video source, selecting Order -> Move to Bottom
Step 1 - Download

Upon order completion, you will receive a download link specific to your performer name. Click the link to download the installer and save it on your computer

Step 2 - Install

Once downloaded, click the executable installer and follow the installation instructions. On both Windows and Mac, you will need permissions that allow you to install software on the computer

Step 3 - Run!

Run the program from the shortcut that was created by the installer

Step 4 - Configure

Once the software is running, click on the OBScenery FX icon in your system tray and select 'Setup Instructions' from the pop-up menu to launch the configuration web page in your browser


You will need to read and follow the OBS configuration instructions along with the chaturbate.com instructions for connecting OBS Studio with Chaturbate


We're working on providing payment options. For now, please email support@obsceneryfx.com to work out payment details